100% Pure Coconut MCT Oil


“I started noticing that my hair and eyelashes were looking weak and starting to thin. After trying the Castor Oil my grays started to turn black and the thinning stopped and started to get thick again.”

Tennille M


100% Pure Coconut MCT Oil

Best for dehydrated hair and skin. Coconut MCT Oil is a light, silky ester, that dries quickly, absorbs into the skin and hair quickly, has rich nutrients, doesn’t stain your clothes and washes off easily.

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100% Pure Coconut MCT Oil

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Coconut Oil for the Skin

Our Coconut MCT Oil is made up of 60% Capric acid and 40% Caprylic acids.

It’s great for skincare and is used in cleansers, moisturizers and ointments. It dries almost instantly which is perfect if you’re rushing and get some on your clothes. Bottled in amber glass bottles to preserve the integrity and lifespan of the oil.

Coconut MCT Oil is really thin and very popular in all kinds of facial treatments because it does not block pores. As an emollient, it makes creams, oils and soaps softer and more soothing while it hydrates, conditions and protects. It washes off easily, so you never have to worry about it being too greasy.

It’s a known fact that your skin loves oil, in fact, it craves it, even though we often neglect the importance of the organ and just how important good oil is for your body. Our skin is the largest organ on our body, it keeps us together, retains water, acts as a barrier from infection and everything else on the outside.

The lowest level of our skin, the stratum corneum is setup almost like building blocks with mortar (fats) between them. The richer the supply of lipid, the better our skin looks, feels and works. It’s important to nourish the stratum corneum because it makes your skin smooth and less prone to breaking or flaking. Coconut MCT oil penetrates deep, fast hydrating, protecting and conditioning your skin almost instantly.


Coconut oil for the hair

Coconut MCT oil is also great for the hair. It helps to reduce your dry, flaky, itchy scalp otherwise called dandruff. While there is no evidence that Coconut Oil stimulates hair growth, most massages that stimulate blood supply to the scalp does, and with its light, non-greasy hydrating properties that is easy to wash out, it’s perfect to use on our scalp and hair.

Coconut Oil is light, non-greasy, and incredibly rich, perfect nourishment for dry, curly, frizzy, treated, colored or lightened hair. Don’t use it if you have greasy hair.

Since it’s more of an ester, not an actual oil, its lighter and works miraculously in volumizing formulas.


Coconut MCT Oil for sunburn

Its anti-inflammatory properties make it perfect for your skin after a day in the sun. It soothes, refreshes, and leaves a sheen that won’t damage your clothes.


What is Coconut MCT Oil?

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. It’s the healthy part of the oil that occurs in coconut oil, palm oils and some dairy products. MCTs may contribute to weight loss, enhanced, endurance, increase LDL (good cholesterol) and lower HDL (bad cholesterol). The process of extracting the MCT Coconut oil basically converts the oil into an ester making it not only light and silky, but also easy to wash off.

Coconut MCT oil is not to be confused with MCT Oil. MCT oil is mostly used for performance supplements and is 100% Medium Chain Triglycerides from Palm or other oils which contribute to deforestation while we pick the coconuts to process the oil.


Other Information:

This product is 100% pure Coconut Oil, no dilution, additives or other ingredients to “stretch” the contents.

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