100% Pure Castor Oil Subscription


“I started noticing that my hair and eyelashes were looking weak and starting to thin. After trying the Castor Oil my grays started to turn black and the thinning stopped and started to get thick again.”

Tennille M


100% Pure Castor Oil Subscription

100% Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil. No Pesticides, No Chemicals. No Animal Products, Totally Green

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100% Pure Castor Oil Subscription

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Have you ever wanted your own real lashes to look absolutely fabulous? Well now’s your chance…. You may even be able to ditch the mascara 🙂

Our 100% Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil is used to moisturize and strengthen lashes. It gives your lashes a vibrant glow while keeping them moisturized. Pure castor oil naturally contains Ricinoleic acid, a natural stimulant for your hair follicles to start working at it’s peak.

You will notice just how gorgeous your lashes look the very first time you use it and while it deeply penetrates the roots. This natural stimulation will cause your lashes to start the growth cycle, regenerating thinning or weak lashes or making healthy lashes grow longer. Just use it for a few weeks and you’ll start to visibly see the improvements.

The castor oil is light gold in appearance is thick out of the bottle but is invisible when applied. It doesn’t wear off easily so you can apply it twice a day and it will last the entire time. You will also enjoy the vibrant nutty smell it has and it’s sure to keep you in good mood all day long. Castor oil has been used for thousands of years as a beauty product (Cleopatra may even have used it). It can also be used in your hair if you have weak or thinning hair, or on your skin for overall healthy skin. Some people even use it for arthritis (believe it or not – it’s documented).

We only use the highest quality nuts which we cold press. This method of processing the oil retains all the “critical nutrients that work like magic”. Once the oil is extracted from the nuts, we strictly use amber glass bottles and glass pipettes to store the product. This prevents any leakage from plastic materials that can potentially contaminate the oil. The amber glass bottles keep the sunlight out giving you the longest shelf life possible and ensuring the product maintains a high quality while being stored. That’s not all, each and every bit of the product, processing and packaging is eco-friendly and you can safely throw any portion of the product in the recycle bin. And lastly, the most important part. Each and every bottle is luxuriously packaged from bottle to box to give you the appeal and luster of luxury because we know you’re worth it.

PS: No pesticides were used in the growing process, no chemicals were used in the extraction, no animals were used in any part of the production or growing process and the entire product is 100% recyclable.

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