Join our Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program and earn commission on each successful sale you refer.  We offer generous commissions, a tiered commission structure and MLM style commissions without the downline requirements. 

How it works


We try to keep things super simple and easy for everyone. First of all, you’ll need to sign up for an account using the form below. You should already have a basic understanding of affiliate marketing and know how to add URLs or links to posts. We’ll take a quick look at your portfolio and if it seems like we’re a right fit, we’ll approve your account within 24 hours so you can get started. Remember to check your email for the verification email. If you don’t verify yourself with this email your application will not be submitted.

The dashboard

Once your account is approved, we’ll send you the login to your dashboard. Make sure to login right away to check things out. The dashboard will contain all important information regarding your account,  creatives, performance, and direct commissions and downline commissions. It will also show you how each of your campaigns are doing and how many clicks we’re getting from each of them.

Referral Link

Your dashboard will contain your unique referral id that you will need to include in each of your posts or promotions. When someone sees your video, image or link and clicks on your unique tracking link, they will be sent to our site to the product or page of your choosing. Once the user makes a purchase you will automatically be credited with the sale and the associated commission. So will your uplines.

Tracking Cookies

Once you refer someone to our site and they make a sale using your unique tracking URL our site will place a small cookie on the visitors computer that will allow us to identify them the next time they visit our site. This cookie will last for 60 days on their computer and we’ll know to credit you with the sale as long as it’s within the 60 day transaction window.

If the visitor last landed on our site by clicking someone else’s tracking link then that user will be credited with the sale.

The products

You can refer any of your approved products. You’ll see them listed in the dashboard. You can also take a look at each one to see how much commission you’ll make from any of them.

Allowed images or videos

You may only use approved images, logos, or videos from within the dashboard. Any other logos, images or videos will need to be approved in writing first. You may make your product explainer videos but do not create ads that may conflict with our own internal ad campaigns or efforts. If unsure, just shoot us a copy of the creative before you intend to publish it. We’ll review and approve (or disapprove) it within 24 hours.

Allowed platforms

You can use Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok your website or any other platform that you use.


You will be credited a commission for each sale to a visitor that you referred. Commissions will vary based on rank and product. If there are 2 or more competing commission categories, the highest category will always win. You will also generate commissions from your downlines. Once your account is approved you will be able to see the commission categories, which one you fall into and what it is for each product. Commission levels are based on rankings and are reassessed every 30 days based on performance of the previous 30 days and are automatically adjusted upwards or downwards.


Downlines are a great way to increase your commissions. Just refer other affiliates to start referring our products and that’ s it. You’ll earn a commission from all their sales as long as you remain active. There are no downline requirements or limitations or rules to qualify or anything. Just refer another affiliate and remain active, that’s all.

Remember each person that you refer that makes a purchase, you will earn a commission for that sale.

Apply today and start earning!

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